Jun 28, 2016

[Ep 42] Bloat Help, Bandage or Not?, Stop Animal ‘Teaching’ Deaths

In today’s episode I am going to talk about the 'mother' of veterinary emergencies..BLOAT, including how to recognize it, and what you can do at home. It is better to bandage a wound or leave it open..the answer will surprise you. Lastly a difficult subject; dogs and cats dying in veterinary teaching hospitals for the sake of 'education', but then a new company which has developed an 'artificial' dog for the purpose of teaching vet students and keeping dogs alive.


Jun 12, 2016

[Ep 41] Cat Food Secrets, Ringworm, Kidney Failure Help

In today’s episode Dr Jones talks about the very big nutritional differences between cats and dogs, and how you need to be feeding your cat differently to prevent and treat disease. Kidney failure and pets- you should be focused on this one ingredient, and it's not protein. Ringworm- what is it and how best to naturally treat it. Holistic options for Wounds and Lacerations.


May 31, 2016

[Ep 40] Cancer in Pets: Top Natural Answers, New Allergy Tx,, EO for Gastric Reflux

In today’s episode I am going to talk about a new Natural treatment for allergies which may be in your garden. Interestingly research which supports the use of an essential oil for gastric reflux, cancer, and gallstones. Lastly I am going to be going over cancer in dogs and cats, the most common types of cancer, and more effective holistic options.


May 17, 2016

[Ep 39] Amazing burdock, Natural Bladder Stone Remedies, Lyme Dz in Dogs

In today’s episode I am going discuss the especially helpful herb Burdock- what it is, all the potential health benefits, and how to use it. What you need to know about bladder stones in dogs and cats, including natural solutions. Lastly the current info about Lyme disease in dogs, how this is so different than in people, and WHY you should be cautious about vaccines for it.


Apr 28, 2016

[Ep 38] Obesity Help, Bone Cancer Holistic Remedies, ‘New’ Antioxidant for Diabetes and Brain Health

In today’s episode Dr Jones discusses obesity in pets…HOW BIG of a problem it is, and WHAT Natural Remedies you can use starting today. Bone Cancer explained with Holistic Solutions. A little known yet Powerful antioxidant for Diabetes, Brain Disease and More..


Apr 19, 2016

[Ep 37] Animal Acupuncture, Lemongrass Oil Benefits, New Arthritis Remedy ( ASU)

In today’s episode I am going to discuss veterinary acupuncture, should you get acupuncture for your dog or cat? Lemongrass- what is it, and how can you use this oil to help your pets. A 'new' remedy for arthritis in dogs that has been used extensively for people in Europe- Avocado, Soybean Oil Unsaponifiablies.


Apr 12, 2016

[Ep 36] Pill Popping Pets, Nat Remedies for Eye Infections, Cannabis Killing Cancer, Dangers of Grapes.

In today’s episode we'll discuss whether or not the over reliance on ‘psychotropic drugs’ is now affecting veterinary medicine, How to naturally treat eye infections at home. Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? Are Grapes Really Toxic for Dogs?


Apr 5, 2016

[Ep35] Dog Fear Biting Answers, Super Nutrient Bee Pollen, Essential Oils for Pets!

In today’s episode we'll discuss fear biting in dogs, and what to do about it, bee pollen: a super nutrient and ALL of the healing benefits,  the new research showing that when animals attack, people are largely to blame, and an essential oil that works great for both dogs and cats!


Mar 21, 2016

[Ep 34] Pancreatitis in Cats, Skin Disease Answers, Penguin who loves a fisherman

In today’s episode of Veterinary Secrets Podcast we are discussing Pancreatitis in Cats including how to properly treat it, a study which revealed shampoo is as good as internal antibiotics in treating skin infections, and the heart warming story about a penguin swimming 5000 miles to see the man who saved home.

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Mar 14, 2016

[Ep 33] Cesar Millan Under Investigation for Animal Cruelty, 22 Meds that work for Pets

In today’s episode I am going discuss How Cesar Millan, the self-professed "dog whisperer" is under investigation forpossible animal cruelty, How To Care for a Sick Dog or Cat at home, and 22 Human Medicines that can be used for pets.

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